Professional Cookery Level 3

Our professional Level-3 cookery course aims to support your development to become a top chef. This course adds important international catering contents which include the Mexican kitchen, the Italian kitchen, the German kitchen and the American kitchen. Our experts have full knowledge of these important and valuable kitchens which has you will learn in the Level-3 course and will boost your career in Hospitality.

Our commercial kitchens are the environment to put into practice the theory that you have learnt and will continue to learn. The level-3 course pragmatically builds upon the Level-2 course and gives you more theory and practical experience. Additionally, it introduces a more comprehensive planning element with the all important diverse international flavour to the responsibilities of becoming a professional chef.

If you are interested in a career in Hospitality of Professional Cookery, then our ten week DAKS level-3 course will provide you with the higher knowledge and skills to become a chef and professional cook. No formal qualifications are needed.

Course is suitable for

DAKS Level-2 graduates, school leavers, students and people who have a strong interest or in a career in hospitality and catering.

You will learn

The knowledge and skills for Professional cookery level-3 in our specifically designed and built DAKS Hospitality and Catering Centre overlooking the beautiful Black Sea. We have our own restaurant, “Lighthouse” here you can gain experience working with the public.

DAKS Level-3 course includes the following subjects both theory and practice

  • Costs and menu planning
  • Preparing and cooking fish and shell fish
  • Preparing and cooking poultry
  • Preparing and cooking hot and cold desserts
  • Preparing and cooking rice and vegetables
  • Preparing and cooking biscuits and other dough products
  • Healthy foods and special diets
  • Food safety
  • International kitchen

Course Modules

The courses will give special attention to meat, fish, dairy produce, bread, pastry, soups and vegetables.

  • Prepare and cook food by boiling, poaching and steaming
  • Prepare and cook food by stewing and braising
  • Prepare and cook food by baking, roasting and grilling
  • Prepare and cook food by deep frying and shallow frying
  • Regeneration of pre-prepared food
  • Cold food preparation

Level-3 Course details

Subject Theory Practical
Meat 24 36
Fish 14 28
Dairy 12 24
Bread 18 36
Pastry 12 24
Soups 12 48
Vegetables 12 48
Food Hygeine 6 6
Provision Admin 6 6
Menu Planning 8 8
International kitchen 12 12
Exam 6 6
Total 142 282

How will I be taught?

This course is divided into practical and theory lesson.

There are 136 hours of theory.

There are 276 hours of practical training.

Four hours of examinations.

There will be a personal tutor assigned to each group.

This course focuses first to build the students in understanding the foundation

level-1 of Hospitality Professional cookery in which the student will have gained understanding of all Health & Safety aspects and the necessary knives skills.

The course will be delivered to the students by a variety of methods which includes;

Theory notes, lectures, case studies, MS-Windows Powerpoint slides, video clips, Individual and group exercises.

Following this the student will be working in a group and as a team. You will create and execute a themed Menu for our “Lighthouse” restaurant at DAKS complex. In addition, each student will have to complete two practical tests whereby the learner will have to demonstrate the skills learned, this will be marked as pass, merit or distinction by a panel of chef lecturers.

The entry requirements to the course: Assessment

To join the DAKS Level-3 course you will have graduated from our Level-2 course. Alternatively, if you require a direct entry to Level-3 course then we ask you to take a DAKS assessment prior to the start of their program. This will help us understand your current level of skills, knowledge and we will advise you and give you support to achieve your potential. Upon joining the level-3 course you will need to be dedicated and committed to hard work, be eager to learn and keep good time keeping.


  • Introduction to the career opportunities in hospitality and catering.
  • Health and safety awareness in hospitality and catering.
  • Food hygiene
  • Introduction to the kitchen equipment

Professional Kitchen equipment

We have Professional kitchen classrooms, that have;

  • built-in bizonal induction stoves
  • individual sets of kitchen equipment
  • accessories from KitchenAid brand
  • electric mixer/blender 
  • 3 kind of cook knives with handles of different colours (red, blue, green)
  • 3 kind of plastic cutting board with same colour code
  • 3 size of frying pan - 24, 26, 28cm
  • 3 size sauce pots - 1,8l, 3l, 4,5l
  • 3 size bowls stainless steel
  • individual set with spices
  • roller blade for pizza, spatula, tin opener, garlic chopper, peeler for vegetables
  • whisk handle, grater, sieve, spoon, colander etc

Will I need any special equipment?

Each student will need to acquire;

  • Chefs whites
  • Waiter or Waitress uniform
  • A professional knife set and a text book.

Accredited courses:

by the Hospitality Institute and the Merchant Navy Training Board of the United Kingdom

The courses function:

  • as a stand alone course, accredited by the appropriate authorities of the United Kingdom.
  • as a valuable accreditation of skills and/or knowledge for candidates who have gained from this course a recognised occupational competence.

How will I be assessed?

The learner will be assessed in theory lessons through

  • multiple choice exams
  • short answer questions
  • Projects
  • Practical tests
  • and a successful completed assignment.

Please note that the practical tests only will be marked as Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Our Staff and consultants

Staff delivering this course have occupational expertise requirements and/or qualifications in the relevant subjects. Generally, having decades experience in the profession and are held are experts by the Hospitality and catering industry which includes professional cookery.

Our Lecturers and staff are:

  • technically competent in the areas for which they are delivering training.
  • competent at the level above the level being assessed in the specific area.

They will be assessing. and have credible experience of providing training.

Centre staff may undertake more than one role, eg tutor and assessor or internal verifier, but will not internally verify their own assessments.

Course history

The courses have been designed the professional chef Vladymyr Veretskyy. Vladymyr has over 30 years experience as a Professional chef in the maritime industry. DAKS has also integrated into our courses expert knowledge from recognised consultants from the Hospitality and Catering Industry.

The DAKS training has been based on second generation family maritime experience with over 15 years of offering maritime training.

Based on requirements of MLC-2006, as amended; Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP 2011) Operations Manual; ISO 22000-2005, as amended; Requirements of US Public Health Service Act (USPHS), stated in 42 USCR Section 264 Quarantine and Inspection Regulations to Control Communicable Diseases;

Requirements of the World Health Organization’s “Guide to Ship Sanitation”, Standards of European (mostly Italian), American cuisines.


Restaurant experience

Following this the student will be working in a group and as a team. You will create and execute a themed Menu for our “Lighthouse” restaurant at DAKS complex. In addition, each student will have to complete two practical tests whereby the learner will have to demonstrate the skills learned, this will be marked as pass, merit or distinction by a panel of chef lecturers.

Language of the courses

Courses are taught in English. English training will be provided for the first two weeks of the course. English terminology will be taught that is applicable to the Chef’s profession. Your level of English will then be suitable.

Post-Course and career opportunities

DAKS have an excellent working relationship with the shipping industry and some Crewing companies. We understand that they will offer trial periods for students to practice on real passenger ships.

Employment opportunities

DAKS networks with local hospitality and catering industry in the locality of our training facility in Odessa, Ukraine. Specifically, we find it very encouraging that due to our second maritime generation history our network includes good relationships with shipping companies. These shipping companies are keen to examine opportunities for employment to our graduate students. There will be occasions where guest speakers from local restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, universities and from local employers will visit and give presentations and talk with each student about their future professional career.

Course Accommodation

Students will live on campus at DAKS Odessa. This is a very effective way for the students to gain knowledge as they live in the Hospitality and Catering environment.


  • Executive Chef
  • Chef De Cuisine,
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef De Partie
  • Demi Chef De partie
  • Commis 1 (First Cook)
  • Commis 2 (Second Cook)
  • Commis 3 (Third Cook)
  • Cook Trainee, Crew Cook
  • Crew Cook Assistant
  • Crew Cook Trainee
  • Crew Cook Utility
  • Crew Messman
  • Provision Master
  • Storekeeper
  • Assistant Provision Master
  • Storekeeper
  • Pastry Chef
  • Assistant Pastry Chef
  • Pastry Man
  • Pastry Trainee
  • Baker Supervisor
  • Baker Trainee
  • Galley Steward
  • Galley Cleaner
  • Dishwasher / Pot Washer